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With “Express Yourself” blaring on a boom box, a platinum-blonde woman burst through the door of the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center auditorium doing a spot-on imitation of the world’s best-known Material Girl. Resplendent in pink panties and bustier layered over a black suit, Madonna look-alike Holly Beavon strutted and danced down the aisle to the stage, where she concluded with a confession: As a material girl, she loved Musicfans.com’s business model. Those in attendance loved the theatrics, whooping and cheering on Ms. Beavon. Says a pleased Mr. Epstein: “Instead of doing two minutes of dry Powerpoint slides, I figured I would make a splash.”
The Wall Street Journal

Holly Beavon as Madonna was AMAZING!! She looked and sounded just like MADONNA! WOW! Her Madonna look brought tears to my eyes. Extraordinary, sweet, and brought the house down at my 40th birthday party. She was loved by all that night! She made my party a success! Thank you Holly Beavon, or better known as MADONNA!

She showed up on time, had the Madonna look, had her songs on a CD, and was ready to go when she got there. She posed for pictures and was very professional. Both Madonna and the guest of honor are from Detroit so I had info about his friends that she used in the routine. She did a good job and everybody enjoyed it.

Talented,sweet, and kind. Thank you, Holly! You made the party a success!

She was great and super sweet. She worked with us and made my mother very happy. She danced and I definately recommend her to any and all of my friends. She is awesome. Thank you sooo much Holly, you made my 80's party awesome. :.)

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