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The Tribute Artist

The Tribute Artist

Celebrity-Tribute Artist-Look-Alike-Impersonator-Sound-Alike....
Holly's had more than 50 television and film appearances as a Look-alike, won the Celebrity Impersonator industry's Reel Award and 3 contests as Marilyn, been approved by the estate of Marilyn Monroe, travelled internationally, and inspired 3 songs through her work.

Holly's evolution as an internationally recognized Tribute Artist was spawned by her work as a theatrical performer and talents for costuming and makeup artistry. Her pink Marilyn "Diamonds" dress was on display at the Coronodo Museum of Art as part of a Marilyn exhibit.

More than just a "lookalike", Holly's goal is to fill big shoes and affect the audience such that there is a suspension of disbelief and a connection is made to the character. Lookalike work is in many ways more intense than just acting, as the character is very well defined and it is up to the artist to bridge the difference in a believable, up-close-and-personal kind of way in look, attitude, voice, posture, humor, etc.

While performing as each of her varied characters she receives comments equivalent to "scary good", "you look just like.....", etc. Which character is best is purely subjective and something that needs to be experienced in-person.

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Marilyn Monroe Look-Alike
Madonna lookalike Impersonator Like A Virgin
Felicity Shagwell Austin Powers Heather Graham Impersonator
Bette Davis Look alike
Carole Lombard Look-alike Impersonator
Sandy Grease John Travolta Look Alike

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