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The Muse

A few friends have affectionately referred to me as their muse.
To inspire and collaborate with others is a great joy, and this page
is dedicated to my playmates.

Mermaid in the Cave
This was taken on a freezing March day by photographer Cherie Schrader and her husband Lorenzo Medrano, who painted me blue. It was shot in the caves of El Matador Beach, just north of Mailbu. I've made samples for some of Lorenzo's great costume designs for the winning colorguard teams that he choreographs at high schools across the nation. www.schraderphotographs.com and www.actnowdesigns.com.

Sculpture by Len Glasser
An original Mad Man, Len's a diversely talented Sculptor, Screenwriter and Director, 2D Animator, Jazz Drummer, and commercial giant with his firm Stars and Strips Productions in the '60s and '70s. I'm happy to have had the opportunity to pose for this sculpture, which is part of the Zucker private collection, aptly referred to as the "Glasser Museum". His work can be seen on You Tube: , and Animation and Commercials.

Mermaid shoot
"Storm" by Len Glasser in Bronze
Marilyn Monroe Impersonator Holly and Marc James

Marilyn and Marc James
This was taken when I met Marc at the Cleveland Auto Show. He was inspired to read up on Marilyn and get to know her as a person, and wrote a song called "Tribute To Marilyn". He put it on his most recent album and has been getting college radio play, spending 7 1/2 months thus far at #1 on Cleveland's WCSB www.wcsb.org, with The Girl Can Dance, Tribute To Marilyn, and Underground. www.marcjamesband.com.
Click to hear "Tribute To Marilyn"

Marilyn Monroe Impersonator at Hollywood Entertainment Museum Exhibit

Greg "Damini" Domenicali
Greg was a rock'n'roll guitarist and singer until he won a ukelele that he named "Marilyn". We became friends and he wrote his first Uke song "Mahalo Hula Holly" at three in the morning at a friend's. He wrote an album, "The Kuki Uki Man" and asked me to sing backups on it. His voice reminds me of a cross between his favorite, Dean Martin, and Tom Waits. Gerg's favorite place was Hawaii, and he developed his artistic abilities through painting pastel sunsets and beach scenes, memories of his trips to the tropics. Sadly, Greg passed away and his music will probably never get heard by many. As such, I want to share it you! Aloha, Damini
Click to hear
The Kuki Uki Man
Just A Gigolo
Mahalo Hula Holly

Island Girls
Honolulu Babies
All I Want Is You
Little Grass Shack
The Honeymoon Is Over
Midnight in Maui

This was taken the evening we met, at the Hollywood Entertainment Museum's gallery showing of Marilyn memorabilia. Greg was a huge Marilyn fan and owned several pieces on display.

The Red
Unfortunately, I have no pictures from Halloween 2000. Dominic Capone (a dead-on for Al) invited me to join him at the late Steve Kaufman's studio (protege to Andy Warhol) for his Marilyn lookalike contest. I was in costume after a gig anyway, and met Marco Aiello after winning a painting of MM. We hung out and talked for a few hours and I told him "stories of [my] crazy hours" on the "shady part Melrose". He went home and came up with "Take It Off", referring to my wig and makeup. It's a good song by a talented band, on the unofficially released album "Burn". They've disbanded and no longer maintain a website, but you can hear it here!
Click to Play "Take It Off"

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